Every Child Should in the news

School Travel Organiser (secondary) – February 2018

Anita Kerwin-Nye’s article in School Travel Organiser (go to page 60) offering advice for teachers planning school trips with mental health and wellbeing in mind.


Teachwire – February 2018

Anita Kerwin-Nye asks ‘was the Children’s Commissioner’s report on vulnerable children the most important of 2017?’ in her teachwire article: Vulnerable Children – Who are They, and How do we Best Offer Support with Scarce  Resources?


School Travel Organiser (primary) – February 2018

Anita Kerwin-Nye is quoted in School Travel Organiser (go to pages 23-24) is quoted in an article in response to the Prime Minister’s pledge to increase the number of environment linked school trips.


Schools Week – 2nd January 2018

The strength of consortiums in affecting change is a core principle of Every Child Should. As is the belief that all children should be included in all aspects of education. In her recent piece for Schools Week Anita Kerwin-Nye talks about the change affected by Whole School SEND in the battle for inclusion.

Journal of Education in Museums – No. 38 (2017)

Enrichment or Entitlement? How can museums work with schools to ensure that all children benefit form the transformative nature of museum learning?

The Journal of Education in Museums (JEM) is published annually. The current issue is only available to members of GEM, see more

School Travel Organiser – December 2017

Anita Kerwin-Nye and Matt Overd talk to School Travel Organiser (go to pages 22-23) on why every child should have access to school trips and on the wider Every Child Should campaign.


TES – 1st December 2017

With collaboration between schools and charities being a key theme for Every Child Should see Anita’s recent opinion piece for TES (subscription required to view full article) on what schools can learn from charities.