Welcome to Every Child Should

Every Child Should is a campaign to ensure all children can access a rich and rounded set of experiences by the time they are 18. Every Child Should starts with year-long debate on the skills and resources young adults need to navigate life and on how we ensure these reach the half of a million children in the UK likely to need them the most.

Every Child Should is led by Anita Kerwin-Nye and Matt Overd. Both long terms advocates (and deliverers) of enrichment activity in and out of school and especially for those who need it most. It draws on their 20 year history working with organisations to support access to culture, the arts, the outdoors, residentials, citizenship, financial education, first aid, conflict resolution, oracy and wider life skills: for all not the few.

Every Child Should is supported by range of associates and experts and signposts to charities, schools and individuals who are helping to inform debate and to deliver solutions.

We are just getting going on this debate, so sign up to receive updates below and tell us – what do you think every child should have done or be able to do by the time they reach the age of 18?


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