Flamingo 50 (the results)
By | June 11, 2018

Flamingo 50 (the results!)

This list was compiled by attendees at the Cambridgeshire Education Festival 2018. For the background https://everychildshould.uk/flamingo-50/

Attendees were asked about an entitlement of experiences and enrichment activity for every young person. To form a 'passport' for every child to adulthood. We have tried to write these in way that doesn’t not exclude children with disabilities or other additional needs and all should be subject to reasonable adjustments.

The links provided are in response to requests from attendees. They are from organisations that have a free offer to support schools. There are others.

For more information on Every Child Should www.everychildshould.uk

  1. An address - without which accessing civil society is a challenge.
  2. Access cultural and heritage venues without school or parents - and to have a sense that they belong in them.
  3. Been to a part of the country that is different to where they live.
  4. Complete a passport application- both as a practical piece but also as statement of intent about travel and exploration.
  5. Been to a large sporting event or concert and navigated crowds and travel.
  6. How to say no and to have a sense of own agency.
  7. A bank account https://everychildshould.uk/every-child-a-bank-account/
  8. Life saving skills- first aid, self defence and how to react in an emergency.
  9. Cooked 3 meals - know the ingredients, the cost and the process of cooking; and have served them to someone else.
  10. Been exposed to people who have been to university and thrived.
  11. Been exposed to people who didn’t go to university and thrived.
  12. Know 5 wild flowers, 5 trees and 5 native animals.
  13. Looked after an animal.
  14. Spent time away from home.
  15. Spent time in the mountains, on the beach, in a river: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/50-things-to-do
  16. How to make small talk - have practiced it and have a range of tactics to manage social events www.voice21.org www.thecommunicationtrust.org.uk
  17. Grown something - school garden , an allotment, at home on the windowsill https://www.ltl.org.uk/
  18. Performed music with others www.musicalfutures.org
  19. Understand taxation.
  20. Know and have the qualifications that provide them with the best range of options.
  21. And rounded advice on what the best options are.
  22. An email address and ongoing access to digital services.
  23. Been part of a team working towards a shared goal.
  24. Debated a topic they care passionately about from the opposing point of view www.esu.org
  25. How to access a GP and other community health services.
  26. A skill that they can be employed for - a barista, a lifeguard, a supermarket assistant, a bar worker.
  27. Studied an artist or genre that is not appreciated or known in own home.
  28. Be registered to vote; know how to vote and understand where to get information on voting choices http://www.bitetheballot.co.uk www.bitetheballot.co.uk
  29. How to use public transport - have planned and carried our a journey.
  30. The principles of mental wellness and where to help if struggling.
  31. Tactics for managing the gig economy.
  32. How to budget to live as independently as possible https://www.young-money.org.uk/
  33. Be exposed to public, private and not for profit business models and career opportunities.
  34. Understand the difference between 'celebrity' and impact - know their heroes.
  35. Attend a residential #brilliantresidentals www.learningaway.org.uk
  36. Been to the theatre - and know to turn phone off (proxy for rules of behaviour!) Also sense of entitlement to attend.
  37. How they learn best - understanding what works for them to maximise their potential as learners for life.
  38. How to ask questions and consider the validity and bias of the responses.
  39. Found a sport or exercise that they enjoy and know how to access it out of school life.
  40. Volunteered and understand the power of social action www.iwill.org.uk
  41. The opportunities and threats of social media.
  42. Use a washing machine, a dish washer and other common household appliances.
  43. That setting up a business - entrepreneurship - is valid career choice.
  44. Love themselves - respect their strengths, know their weaknesses - embrace who they are.
  45. Be literate-in a manner that allows them to access the words that they need for life.
  46. Been exposed and explored several different religions, atheism and philosophy.
  47. Understand debt and approaches to managing.
  48. The principles of economics and how these affect their life https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/education/
  49. Done risky things and come out the other side.
  50. Been kind to someone who needed help.

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One thought on “Flamingo 50 (the results)

  1. Emily Chittenden

    This is the generation that will have to deal with rapidly changing global ecosystems, yet no mention is made of a greater understanding of our connection to, and our impact upon, the natural world. More important than the ability to “use a dishwasher” must surely be the ability to question whether a dishwasher (whether its A+++ rated or not) is really needed at all? And what are the alternatives?

    Whilst my 8 yr old doesn’t yet understand taxation or the gig economy, he can already name more than 5 trees, flowers and native animals – so shouldn’t we be a tad more ambitious for our 18 yr olds?

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